Zachary Hawkhead - PhD student

University of Durham

Zachary Hawkhead joined the Skyrmion Project in October 2018.

Zachary works under the supervision of Tom Lancaster using density functional theory to study the properties of magnetic materials.

These calculations have been used to support experimental measurements performed by other members of the Skyrmion Project, leading to several publications in scientific journals [1-3].

[1] T. J. Hicken et al. “Magnetism and Neel skyrmion dynamics in GaV4S8-ySey”. Physical Review Research 2, 032001(R) (2020).

[2] T. J. Hicken et al. “Megahertz dynamics in skyrmion systems probed with muon-spin relaxation”. Physical Review B 103, 024428 (2021).

[3] T. J. Hicken et al. “Energy-gap driven low-temperature magnetic and transport properties in Cr1/3MS2 (M = Nb, Ta)”. Physical Review B 105, L060407, (2022).