Shilei Zhang - Research Fellow

University of Oxford

Shilei Zhang received his BEng and MEng degrees in Materials Physics from the University of Science and Technology Beijing. As a visiting scientist in Oxford's Clarendon Laboratory, he worked on magnetic devices, before joining in 2012 as a DPhil student in physics under the supervision of Prof Thorsten Hesjedal. He joined the Skyrmion Project in 2016 right at the beginning and continued as a PDRA until 2018. He is now a Professor of Physics at ShanghaiTech University.

During his time in Oxford, he has developed novel resonant elastic x-ray scattering (REXS) techniques, which allow the magnetic structure, including the long-range order and domain formation, as well as microscopic skyrmion parameters, to be measured across the full range of length scales. Most importantly, using circular dichroism in REXS, the internal structure of a given skyrmion, the topological winding number, and the skyrmion helicity angle were all unambiguously determined. While being a member of the skyrmion project, he has published more than 30 ground-breaking papers on skyrmions.