James Loudon - Research Fellow

University of Cambridge

Dr James Loudon is a Senior Research Associate and joined the Skyrmion Project in 2017.

He works with Professor Paul Midgley and Dr Alison Harrison at the University of Cambridge to image magnetic skyrmions using electron microscopy.

His work has included the development of new methods to make a quantitative comparison between simulated and experimental images. As a result he was able to show that a newly identified quasiparticle called a 'biskyrmion' was a type-II magnetic bubble: an object known since the 1970s [J.C. Loudon et al., Advanced Materials 31, 1806598, 2019].

He has also published work on the magnetic structures that occur in 2D van der Waals magnets [Nature Communications 13, 1, 2022], magnetic solitons in layered magnets [Physical Review Materials 31, 024407, 2022] and the effects of geometrical confinement on skyrmions [arXiv:2104.11517, 2021, accepted for publication in ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 2022].