Dr Marta Crisanti - PhD student

University of Warwick

Dr Marta Crisanti Joined the Skymion Project in 2016.

Her PhD involved a Warwick/ILL project studying the experimental properties of Skyrmions using neutron scattering [1-3]   and muon spectroscopy techniques [4], under the joint supervision of Professor Don Paul (Warwick) and Dr Robert Cubitt (ILL).

Marta was based at ILL in the Large Structures Group.

Marta is currently a post doc working at TU - Delft.

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[2] M. T. Birch, S. H. Moody, M. N. Wilson, M. Crisanti, O. Bewley, A. Štefančič, G. Balakrishnan, R. Fan, P. Steadman, D. Alba Venero, R. Cubitt, P. D. Hatton, Anisotropy-induced depinning in the Zn-substituted skyrmion host Cu2OSeO3, Physical Review B 102, 104424 (2020).

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