Swapneel Amit Pathak - Research Fellow

University of Southampton

Dr Swapneel Amit Pathak joined the Skyrmion Project in April 2022 after obtaining Ph.D. in Physics from IPCMS, University of Strasbourg. Swapneel presently works with Hans Fangohr at the University of Southampton to develop and maintain Ubermag which exposes the finite difference based micromagnetic computational tools such as OOMMF and MUMAX3 to Python ecosystem and integrates it with Jupyter. Leveraging the Python ecosystem, he is also exploring different Machine Learning techniques, for example, to cluster simulation data, infer micromagnetic material parameters from experiments etc.

Further, through computational studies, he is investigating the effects of exposing non-centrosymmetric ferromagnets to vortex laser pulses, which includes formation of chiral magnetisation configurations and magnon transport.