David Cortés Ortuño - Research Fellow

University of Southampton

Dr David Cortés Ortuño joined the Skyrmion Project in 2017 after completing his PhD in Complex Systems Simulations at the University of Southampton.

David worked under the supervision of Prof. Hans Fangohr and Dr Ondrej Hovorka and focused on the theoretical description and computational modelling of topological magnetic structures using both micromagnetics and discrete spin models. David's contributions with the team of the Skyrmion Project include a publication on the verification of simulation results of non-centrosymmetric magnetic materials by a set of standard problems; the verification of so called bi-skyrmions in centrosymmetric materials; and simulations of the structure and thermal stability of three dimensional skyrmions in a FeGe lamella. Furthermore, he collaborated with international groups from Chile in the study of magnonics, and from Germany for the study of skyrmions in confined nanostructures.

David left the project in 2019 to start a Postdoctoral position at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. David is currently working on the novel technique of Micromagnetic Tomography (https://mimatom.org/) to study the magnetisation of magnetic grains in rock samples for the analysis of the magnetic field of the Earth.