Ales Štefančič - Research Fellow

University of Warwick

Dr Ales Štefančič joined the Skyrmion Project in 2016 after completing his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Durham.

Ales work with Professor Geetha Balakrishnan at the University of Warwick to prepare both polycrystalline samples and grow single crystals of skyrmion hosting materials.

These materials were made available for study to other members of the Skyrmion Project and were also shared more widely with the scientific community contributing to, to date, over 20 publications in refereed journals.

Ales left the Skymion Project in 2019 after completing his 3 year Research Fellowship to take up a position as a Research Scientist at the Paul Scherer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland. Ales subsequently moved to work for Excelsus Structural Solutions, a spin-off company of the PSI.