Future of Spintronics seminar

Future of Spintronics seminar

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Jan 23rd 2019

Loughborough, United Kingdom

The field of spintronics (spin electronics) promises lower energy, more robust data processing and storage, and a potential solution to the ‘thermal instability’ problem faced by Moore’s Law. As the research field has developed, different manifestations of spintronics have been demonstrated such as:

  • spin injection into organic materials
  • utilising proximity effects with superconductors (superconducting spintronics)
  • heat driven generation of a spin current (spin caloritronics)
  • topologically protected magnetic states (skyrmions).

This workshop will provide both:

  • an introduction to spintronics and skyrmions
  • an overview of the current state of the art

A distinguished set of speakers include:

  • An Overview of Spintronics - Prof Tom Thomson, University of Manchester
  • Overview of Skyrmions - Prof Thorsten Hesjedal, University of Oxford
  • Superconducting Spin Currents - Prof Mark Blamire, Cambridge University
  • The Magnetic Attraction of Mn Nitrides for Spintronics - Prof Lesley Cohen, Imperial College London
  • Whirlwinds in rust: the physics of magnetic vortices in α-Fe2O3 - Prof Paolo Radaelli, University of Oxford
  • The Future of Magnonics: Graded Magnonic Index and Spin-Wave Fano Resonances - Prof Volodymyr Kruglyak, Exeter University
  • Emerging Spin Physics at C60 Interfaces - Dr Oscar Cespedes, University of Leeds
  • Visualising Dynamic Magnetic Events on the Nano-Scale Using Lorentz Microscopy - Dr Trevor P Almeida, University of Glasgow
  • TBD - Dr C. Kinane, ISIS Neutron and Muon Source