Dynamics of skyrmionic states in confined helimagnetic nanostructures

We have published a paper in Physical Review B 95, 014433 (2017). 

Abstract: In confined helimagnetic nanostructures, skyrmionic states in the form of incomplete and isolated skyrmion states can emerge as the ground state in absence of both external magnetic field and magnetocrystalline anisotropy. In this work, we study the dynamic properties (resonance frequencies and corresponding eigenmodes) of skyrmionic states in thin film FeGe disk samples. We employ two different methods in finite-element based micromagnetic simulation: eigenvalue and ringdown method. The eigenvalue method allows us to identify all resonance frequencies and corresponding eigenmodes that can exist in the simulated system. However, using a particular experimentally feasible excitation can excite only a limited set of eigenmodes. Because of that, we perform ringdown simulations that resemble the experimental setup using both in-plane and out-of-plane excitations. In addition, we report the nonlinear dependence of resonance frequencies on the external magnetic bias field and disk sample diameter and discuss the possible reversal mode of skyrmionic states. We compare the power spectral densities of incomplete skyrmion and isolated skyrmion states and observe several key differences that can contribute to the experimental identification of the state present in the sample. We measure the FeGe Gilbert damping, and using its value we determine what eigenmodes can be expected to be observed in experiments. Finally, we show that neglecting the demagnetization energy contribution or ignoring the magnetization variation in the out-of-film direction—although not changing the eigenmode's magnetization dynamics significantly—changes their resonance frequencies substantially. Apart from contributing to the understanding of skyrmionic states physics, this systematic work can be used as a guide for the experimental identification of skyrmionic states in confined helimagnetic nanostructures.