Current Research in Magnetism (CRIM): Advances in skyrmion research, Wednesday 5th September 2021 - ONLINE.

Current Research in Magnetism (CRIM) is a focused workshop highlighting different hot topics in magnetism.

It runs yearly and is organised by the IOP Magnetism committee in partnership with researchers working in the specialist area.

In 2021, CRIM will focus on recent advances in skyrmion research. Skyrmions are magnetic structures of fundamental interest exhibiting exciting static and dynamic properties linked to their unique topology. Furthermore, they are candidates for future applications in data processing and storage. This event will see leading researchers from the UK and abroad discussing their latest work in this fascinating field of physics.

Topics will include: 

• New materials hosting magnetic skyrmions, including antiferromagnets 

• Skyrmion dynamics and skyrmion-skyrmion interactions 

• Skyrmion-based spintronics 

• Skyrmion devices for data storage and nonconventional computing 

• Novel topological magnetic objects (antiskyrmions, chiral bobbers, bimerons, hopfions)