Skyrmions are excitations of matter which hold promise for technological deployment as highly efficient memory elements. We wish to increase our understanding of these mysterious particles and engineer them towards application.

  • rc_1

    Research challenge 1

    R1 involves the synthesis and characterization of skyrmionic materials. Polycrystalline powder and single-crystals of skyrmion materials will be produced using a range of techniques as part of a programme of preparation and discovery of targeted systems.

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  • rc_2

    Research challenge 2

    R2 concerns skyrmion science: the basic physics of skyrmionic states of matter. Before skyrmions can be exploited in devices it is necessary to understand their properties, potentialities and their status within the general framework of fundamental physics.

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  • rc_3

    Research challenge 3

    R3 involves investigations of thin films, modeling and devices. How do we transfer the desired properties materials to application-enabling thin films? Our interdisciplinary strategy involves film synthesis, patterning, architecture and micromagnetic simulation.

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